Client Story

When Melissa and her 14 year old daughter moved to Eugene, they lived in a motel for 4 days. They moved from Las Vegas for a better home. A home away from emotional and physical abuse.

Melissa had been abused since she was 4 years old. She grew up thinking violence was the norm. Her childhood was full of violence from her step-father. She still remembers when he struck her across the face, leaving a gash on her cheek. She lived in orphanages where she witnessed sexual abuse. She was left homeless with children after leaving an abusive husband.

Leaving Las Vegas was one of many times she’d run from a violent home but hopefully the last.

Melissa just wanted to provide a healthy place for her daughter to grow up.


She wanted to find the right place. But just couldn’t find it.

They were waiting to get into the Eugene Mission, but that would be a temporary housing fix. She had to find a permanent home. For someone like Melissa, however, it was going to be difficult. She needed to find enough money for a deposit. She had a history of bad credit. And, she had to find a home for rent.

Things got better for Melissa and her daughter when they were brought into the Rapid Rehousing Program, a service offered by Catholic Community Services of Lane County.

“I had my first meeting with my CCS caseworker, Manny, and right away we got started on our housing search,” Melissa said at the 2017 Great Hour of Caring. “It was very nice to have someone on my side, helping and guiding me.”


Manny gave her hope for tomorrow.

With help from her case worker, Manny, she was able to overcome her obstacles to housing. Melissa found a place on Craigslist and Manny was able to set aside any concerns the property owner had about Melissa’s bad credit and rental history. When she was approved, Catholic Community Services of Lane County then provided Melissa with the deposit and first month’s rent for an apartment in the Bethel area.

Melissa also received food boxes, clothing, and transportation assistance from Catholic Community Services of Lane County. That way, Melissa has the tools to work toward her goals of finding a job and becoming self-sufficient.

“I’m thankful to Catholic Community Services and to Manny who is almost like family to Amber and me,” she said. “I’m thankful to be here in Eugene where it feels like the home I didn’t have for so long.”


We can’t help people like Melissa without you!

Melissa received the help she needed to have hope for tomorrow because of supporters like you. Melissa isn’t the only one who needs help from a caring community, however. Contribute today and make sure we can find a home for those in need. 

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