Fathers Parenting Program

Our Fathers Parenting Program is full and we are not taking any new clients at this time. We may extend our capacity in the future if additional resources become available. Thank you and God bless!

The Fathers Parenting Program, formerly the Young Fathers Program, is for men who want to become positive, supportive and successful parents.

If you are a biological, adoptive or step father, currently parenting a child, expecting a child, or working to regain contact with or custody of a child, then you qualify.

The Fathers Parenting Program focuses on two main goals:

  • Improving the level and quality of contact between father and child.
  • Improving the ability of the father to financially support himself and his children.

How it works:

  • Father contacts the program, either by self-referral or by referral from DHS.
  • Father participates in intake interview and development of the father/child contact and support plan. 
  • Father participates in 12 weekly self-help group sessions and 6 one-on-one mentorship sessions.
  • After completing the group and individual sessions, the father may continue to participate in monthly “alumni” self-help meetings.

For more information, contact program staff at 541-345-3628 Ext. 308 or fathers@CCSLC.org.