kNOw POVERTY HOUR is an event designed to immerse the audience into the issue of poverty in our local community and how we can work to make a difference. It's based on the idea that the more we KNOW about poverty, the more we will be able to build a community with NO poverty. 

We open the event with some light refreshments at 5pm, and eventually work our way around the CCS service center as we learn more about our programs and services through first-hand storytelling. 

Please note that this is not a fundraiser and you will not be asked for money.


kNOw POVERTY HOUR is held: 

  • The 1st Thursday of every month from 5-6pm at 1025 G Street

To RSVP for a kNOw POVERTY HOUR event, or if you have any questions, email or call Nicole at 541-345-3628, ext. 317.