Refugee Resettlement Program

Millions of families worldwide are living as refugees and asylum-seekers, uprooted by war, persecution or natural disaster. A few of these families are finding a new home in Lane County, thanks to a resettlement program that is spearheaded by a local community task force and coordinated by Catholic Community Services of Lane County.

Local faith-based groups, service organizations, and concerned community members have joined together to form the Refugee Resettlement Coalition of Lane County.  The coalition is working with CCS to welcome and support refugee and asylum-seeking families coming to Lane County. 

We encourage you to explore this section of our website to learn more about the refugee and asylum-seeker program and how you can get involved.

To join the Refugee Resettlement Coalition’s email list and receive the refugee program e-newsletter, send a brief email message to

Get Involved with the Refugee Program

There are a variety of ways to participate in the work of the Refugee Resettlement Coalition of Lane County.  Click on the following links for more information.

Refugee Donation Options

You can support refugee resettlement in Lane County by your financial contributions and with your material donations.  Get all the details by clicking on the following options:

For more information: 

Contact Christine Zeller-Powell, Case Manager-Refugees & Asylum-Seekers
541-345-3628 ext. 339