Volunteer to help refugees and asylum-seekers

The Refugee Resettlement Coalition of Lane County is a community effort to support refugees and asylum seekers who are resettling in our area. The Coalition is s primarily made up of volunteers. We could not do what we do without the many people who have shared their time and knowledge. Thank you for considering joining this important community effort.

Current volunteer needs:

Join the Fundraising Team.  The fundraising team works to raise funds to support the project through donations, events and grants.

Join the Integrated Health Team. Health care professionals are needed to meet the needs of refugees.

Be an Interpreter (Oral).  Fluent foreign language speakers are needed to interpret for refugees. We have had need for people fluent in Farsi, Arabic, Kurdish, Portuguese, and Spanish. There will likely be other needs as well. 

Be a Translator (Written)  Volunteers are needed to translate English-language documents into the native language of a refugee or asylum seeker.

Be an Advocate. Provide support to a refugee or asylum seeker. Being an advocate requires training (which the Coalition will provide) and a 12-month commitment.

Provide transportation. We often need drivers to take people to appointments, school, work and other activities.

Housing and employment are our biggest challenges.  Can you provide temporary housing, or ongoing housing?  Would you be willing to rent to a refugee or asylum seeker, or do you have a lead on an affordable rental?  Also, do you have a job to offer or a lead on employment possibilities?  Please fill out our volunteer application form if you can help in any of these areas.

Want to volunteer? Please fill out our brief online application.

Once you complete the volunteer application form, your name will be passed on to the team leaders in the areas in which you express interest.  However, you may not hear from them unless a need arises for more volunteers in their area.  Your information will remain in our database and should the situation change, we will be in touch with you.