Utility Assistance

Winter months are particularly difficult for the community’s low-income families when large utility bills arrive in the mail. CCSLC’s Community Service Centers offered energy assistance to 4,000 Lane County families (approximately 10,900 individuals) in the past calendar year through a variety of energy programs (listed below in alphabetical order) designed to help keep the heat on during the cold winter weather.

A central waiting list for energy assistance (any heat source or any utility company) starts on November 1st. All requests for energy assistance are kept in chronological order by date of contact. Households with a person of a permanent disability or a person age 60 or older, receive priority for the month of November. Those on the waiting list will then be served, in order of application date, starting on December 1st, until funding is exhausted.

Anyone can contact the waiting list by phone or in person. Please provide us with your name, phone number, email address, utility company, and state if you are a person with a permanent disability or if you are of age 60 or older.





Eugene area  541-345-3642

Springfield area  541-747-8349 

Please call either number to get on the Waiting List.


ENERGY ASSITANCE EMAIL:  energy@ccslc.org  (For information only, not waiting list)


60% of Oregon Median Income (2012-2013)
Household Size Gross Monthly Income Gross Annual Income
1 $ 1,808.91 $ 21,706.88
2 $ 2,365.49 $ 28,385.92
3 $ 2,922.08 $ 35,064.96
4 $ 3,478.67 $ 41,744.00
5 $ 4,035.25 $ 48,423.04
6 $ 4,591.84 $ 55,102.08
7 $4,696.20 $ 56,354.40
8 $ 4,800.56 $ 57,606.72
9 $ 4,904.92 $ 58,859.04
10 $ 5,009.28 $ 60,111.36
11 $ 5,113.64 $ 61,363.68
12 $ 5,218.00 $ 62,616.00
Each Additional Member $ 106.42 $ 1,277.00



The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is an income based utility assistance program contracted by CCS with the Lane County Human Services Commission. The LIHEAP utility assistance is available to all households in Lane County meeting low-income guidelines, regardless of the type of heating used or the participants’ utility company

The LIHEAP can help with Any Heat Source or Any Utility Company. Call November 1st to put you information on the waiting list.  Please leave your name, phone number, name of your utility company and if anyone in your home is over 60 years old or receiving a disability payment.  We prioritize senior and disabled households in November and begin serving the general public in December.  LIHEAP can be received in addition to Oregon Heat, OEAP, OLGA, EWEB, SUB, or Helping Hands.  Applicants must live in Lane County.  Those living in Harrisburg must bring documentation to prove they live in Lane, and not Linn County.


Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) Customer Care

EWEB Customer Care Program begins October 1.  Call for an appointment on the first business day of each month after 8 am. The applicant who comes for an appointment must be listed on the bill or be the recognized spouse or legal partner of the person listed on the bill. Applicants must bring an EWEB bill, however bills do not have to be past due or show a balance. 


Pacific Power

The Oregon Energy Assistance Program (OEAP) is limited to Pacific Power customers who meet low-income guidelines (see chart above) and are in danger of being disconnected. Due to the different scope of the programs, LIHEAP does outreach to inform applicants while the OEAP program is mostly by referral from Pacific Power. These programs are not mutually exclusive and a client may use them both in the same program year. 

Oregon Heat also provides assistance for customers of Pacific Power customers and a few other utilities. The customer must have past due bills and have made a payment in the last 90 days.


Springfield Utility Board (SUB)

The Project Share program is solely administered by CCS on behalf of the Springfield Utility Board (SUB). 

Project Share appointments start on November 1st.. We will start making appointments the last week in October.  This program is for Springfield Utility Board Customers who have a past due billing. 


Emerald People's Utility District (EPUD)

Helping Hands is for Emerald People’s Utiltiy District (EPUD) low income customers who have a balance owed on their bill.  Helping Hands will be available in February or March.


Northwest Natural Gas Company

GAP provides help to Northwest Natural Gas customers who are past due in their accounts. Oregon Low Income Gas Assistance program (OLGA) is also available to customers of NWNG and is based on the LIHEAP program. 

OLGA is available for Northwest Natural Gas customers who are low income (see chart above) and who have not had this assistance since October. The applicant who comes in for an appointment must be listed on the bill.


Bonnie Duke

Energy Program Coordinator

541-345-3628 ext. 304  


Springfield Center

1025 G Street
Springfield, OR 97477
M-F: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Eugene Center

1464 W. 6th. Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402
M-F: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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