This Month’s Story

G Street Family

When Stacey first came to the G Street Oasis Program, she was living with her father and her son in a condemned house with no electricity or running water. She had been in a car accident, was slowly recovering, but was not cleared to return to work. Her family was struggling to survive on only $750 a month.

With the help of G Street, she was able to get food, transportation assistance, counseling services, and help finding housing. As a first step, she and her family began staying in a Conestoga hut so that they could at least be out of the cold. Stacey received assistance completing applications for housing, but the lack of rental references and her low income led several property management companies to deny her.

Needless to say, she was very discouraged. However, her persistence paid off and Stacey received a call from Homes for Good – a local housing agency for low-income families. She and her family had been approved for an apartment and moved in early last month! They are very grateful to be so much closer to becoming self-supporting.

Help For Today

Catholic Community Services is an essential provider of safety-net services in Lane County, offering immediate assistance with food, clothing, and energy & housing assistance . 

Hope For Tomorrow

While people in need are grateful for the food and other assistance they receive at Catholic Community Services, very few want to be in a position where they have to continue to ask for charity.  Most people want to be able to support themselves and their families.

Fostering A Caring Community

Just as we serve anyone in need, we also partner with all who share our commitment to charity and justice for the poor, whatever their faith background.


Responding to Christ’s message to love our neighbors as ourselves, Catholic Community Services offers immediate help by providing food and other assistance to anyone in need and seeks to instill hope by helping Lane County families take positive steps to move out of poverty.