This Month’s Story

A Caring Mother

Olivia came to the Eugene Food Pantry last month for the first time. She moved here after her daughter Emma got into the University of Oregon. As a low-income single parent, Olivia had to sell most of her belongings to make the move and cover Emma’s tuition. On the way to Oregon, their car broke down permanently.

When they finally arrived, Olivia had just enough funds to secure an apartment. She was able to find employment right away, and things were beginning to look better for her family. Unfortunately, her new income put them just over the income limit for food stamps, which meant they would not have enough to cover rent, utilities, and the cost of food.

Worried that she would get turned away and judged, Olivia was nervous about coming into the food pantry. She said that when she arrived, she could not hold back tears as she discovered a warm and welcoming environment with plenty of fresh food to take home. Not long after, CCS staff received a letter from Olivia thanking everyone in the food pantry for showing her love and support.

Help For Today

Catholic Community Services is an essential provider of safety-net services in Lane County, offering immediate assistance with food, clothing, and energy & housing assistance . 

Hope For Tomorrow

While people in need are grateful for the food and other assistance they receive at Catholic Community Services, very few want to be in a position where they have to continue to ask for charity.  Most people want to be able to support themselves and their families.

Fostering A Caring Community

Just as we serve anyone in need, we also partner with all who share our commitment to charity and justice for the poor, whatever their faith background.